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Considering any mental health treatment options can seem daunting or quite overwhelming at first. Take courage there is hope and we want to help.  

Available Services 

If you are considering medication management options, there is help. The mental health provider(s) at our office have prescriptive authority and can help you explore treatment options. If you are already on certain medications, we can explore your options together. Another option to aid in exploring the right medication option for you, is with the help of genetic testing. Genetic testing can be another useful tool to shed more light onto a particular medication approach, which may be better suited for you. 

We have all experienced some rather challenging and changing times. Know that if you prefer to schedule a visit to connect with us virtually in the comfort of your own homes or private internet connected location, we will work with you on this preference as much as possible. Please do keep in mind cost and coverage for virtual appointment may vary so do please plan accordingly. There maybe times where a virtual visit may not be the best option for you or your preference in care. 

If you are interested in 'talk-therapy' or 'psychotherapy' we may be able to help. Although, we often specialize primarily in medication management approaches, we may be able to help with your psychotherapeutic needs or will can also gladly recommend some reputable and local resources for you on this regard.

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All payments for services are requested at the time of appointment. 

* Most major credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

* Also accept payments in the form of: Cash or Health Savings Account.   

Insurances Accepted:

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