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-Begin your journey towards better mental health and wellness. 

* Do you often find yourself feeling down, lacking in interest or motivation? 

* Do you routinely feel stressed, worried, or find it very difficult to relax?

* Do you ever worry so greatly, it can even affect your sleep quality or rhythm. 

Do you often find it difficult to concentrate, feel highly distractible, lacking in  overall focus or clarity?

* Do you feel rather 'scatterbrained', even in your daily routine or work tasks?


*  If you answered yes to any of these questions...we can help. *     

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The caring professionals at Pinnacle Psychiatric Associates diligently provide compassionate and evidence based mental health care.   


If you are interested in considering mental health medications options, the clinicians at our office do have prescriptive authority and will be glad to help. 



If you are interested in considering psychotherapy options the caring clinicians at our office will be glad to explore some of these options with you. 



We offer Telehealth / Televideo appointments. This means you may be able to conduct a visit from the comfort of your own home or internet connected location. 



Mr. Ingle has a deep passion for mental health and considers it a blessing to help others. He has multiple years of experience in treating and caring for a vast variety of mental health illnesses in the adult population.


His professional history shows several years of working experience in the private practice settings, and at the larger hospital systems in our local community of the Upstate. He completed his training at Middle Tennessee State University firstly for his family nurse practitioner degree, then later went on to complete his additional psychiatric mental health training at Northern Kentucky University, to achieve his second board certification as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. His approach in practice is very patient-centered, compassionate, and conscientious. He greatly values the sacred relationship in partnering with his patients for the betterment of their mental health and in achieving their wellness goals. As a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with prescriptive authority, he is well versed and actively experienced in prescribing medications which would greatly aid towards your treatment goals. 


When not at work, he is often spending time with his family; wife and  young children. They often enjoy spending time in nature.

Psychiatrist Greenville, SC

Denis Ingle NP-C, PMHNP-BC 

Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner 


Currently Accepting New Patients 

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Thanks for reaching out. Please allow 1 - 3 busniess days for a response. Warm Regards, Pinnacle Psychiatric Associates LLC.

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